"I just wanted to send off a quick note to thank you for one of the best thrills of my life!  I have dreamt of being in an open cockpit since a young boy.  I have imagined what it would be like to feel the wind and smell the surroundings as I looked around from a few thousand feet up.  Now I know.  To have the stick in my hands today almost brought tears to my eyes.  Such a fun day to hang out with everyone at the Old Bold pilots meeting and then to go flying with you. Thanks again Tom and I look forward to our summer flight coming up.  Take care,  Fudge"

-Captain  Larry Packer Alaska Airlines-

Flying with veteran pilot Tom Ackland is a very satisfying experience.  His professional operation and knowledge of his beautifully restored and maintained Stearman makes for a most memorable and safe flight.

-Captain Chuck Hammer Continental Airlines, Retired-

Dear Tom, Flying with you in your Stearman over the Coachella Valley was one of the most exciting and interesting things I have done here in the desert.  There is something very romantic about flying in an open cockpit.  I could share the enthusiasm of those first pioneers in flight. It was great to view the valley from a plane and appreciate its beauty from that perspective.  It was also fun to be able to identify familiar and some not so familiar places.  Thanks for a truly stirring experience.  I look forward to the next time.

-Meline Pickus-

Tom, Congratulations on your new website and thanks for the great flight.  Our charter clients will miss having you in the cockpit of our Golden Eagle.  I  will let them know  they can still benefit from your forty years of flying experience by booking a flight in your spectacular Stearman. Here's to your continued success.

-Bob Harter-

It was an awesome experience.  I was very comfortable with Tom and his flying skills.  The take off and landing were smoother than any other airplane ride I've ever had.  The valley view was beautiful! I'll never forget my ride and I took some great pictures! 

-Cherlyn Cates Palm Springs, CA-

I’ve logged over 20,000 hours as both a Naval Aviator and airline pilot, and I can honestly say that I have never had as much pure “stick and rudder” fun as I did flying the Stearman at Palm Springs Air Tours. Few things can compare to the thrill of open cockpit flying in an airplane that is a legendary symbol of aviation history. If you have ever wanted to experience the romance and adventure of the golden age of flight, here is your chance to have an incomparable sightseeing thrill in the sunny skies over the Coachella Valley in this beautifully maintained Stearman Biplane. I wholeheartedly recommend a flight with Palm Springs Air Tours to anyone who harbors a passion for aviation. Captain Barry Steiner, B777 Flight Instructor, Boeing Training & Flight Services” Best regards, 

-Barry Steiner-

I am 85 years young and love flying with Tom Ackland.  So far, we've made 5 or 6 flights and each trip is prettier and more exciting than the last.  We've mostly flown during the summer, but last year we flew over the desert in December and saw all of the snow on the mountains – truly breathtaking!  If you go in the winter, be sure to dress warmly (more layers than you think you need), as it can be pretty chilly that high up.  Don't be frightened, just go!  I guarantee you'll love it and maybe I'll see you at the hangar! 

-Juanita McKune, Manhattan Beach-

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